Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lester Robles O'Connor, Ryan Luz, and Joseph T. Thomas: Pastoral Poetry, FRIDAY, 6/4, 7pm Options

We hope you can join us this FRIDAY, JUNE 4 at 7pm for a pastoral poetry reading featuring LESTER ROBLES O'CONNOR, RYAN LUZ, and JOSEPH T. THOMAS.

We are excited to host this reading in conjunction with There Goes the Neighborhood!--a four day event that not only hopes to shed light on issues of art and its relationship to a specific community, but to also re-examine, through artistic interventions, some aspects of the neighborhood that are sometimes overlooked:

LESTER O'CONNOR writes in several genres and makes video work and street propaganda. He was co-editor of the Pacific Review and reviewed films for a defunct alt-weekly.

RYAN LUZ's work is interdisciplinary--combining prose, poetry and visual element. His poems often focuses on the tiny, quotidian, and overlooked.

A libertine of unimpeachable taste, JOSEPH T. THOMAS, JR., is an assistant professor of English at San Diego State University’s National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. He is the author of two books, Poetry’s Playground: The Culture of Contemporary American Children’s Poetry (Wayne State UP, 2007) and Strong Measures (Make Now Press, 2007). Poetry’s Playground was named a 2009 honor
book by the Children’s Literature Association.

Please share this information with friends and any interested parties.

Agitprop readings are free, but donations to the gallery are always welcome.

We hope to see you there and for festivities before and afterward!

FRIDAY, June 4, 7pm
2837 University Ave in North Park (Entrance on Utah, behind Glenn’s
San Diego, CA * 92104 * 619.384.7989