Monday, April 27, 2009

Agitprop Reading 5/2: Brian Kim Stefans & Geoffrey Dyer

Please join us for a monthly lit reading in the company of art @
Agitprop in North Park, co-sponsored by the gallery and local small
presses 1913, Kuhl House, and Tougher Disguises.

This event is free and open to the public. There will be a reception
after the reading. Donations to the gallery are greatly appreciated.

Poets Brian Kim Stefans & Geoffrey Dyer will read from their work on
Saturday May 2 @ 7pm in the Agitprop Gallery in North Park: 2837
University Ave (entrance on Utah), San Diego, California, 92104,

Brian Kim Stefans' recent books include “Kluge” (Roof Books, 2007),
“What is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers” (Factory School, 2006)
and “Before Starting Over: Selected Essays and Interviews” (Salt
Publishing, 2006). Recent digital projects include the interactive
Kluge ( and a series of digital
projections called “Scriptor” that are intended for gallery and
environmental settings, one of which appeared in the show “Contranym”
in New York City’s ABC Gallery in September, 2008. He is presently
Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities at UCLA, edits
the online mag and writes the Free Space Comix blog; he
lives in Los Angeles half a block away from Scarlett Johansson (’s
face on a billboard).

Geoffrey Dyer’s first book of poems, “The Dirty Halo of Everything,”
was published by Krupskaya Press in 2003. Of Dyer's work, John Yau
writes, "Welcome to the 'valley of the near yonder hell, an Out West
sort of place," where you will find "Golgotha embellished in cement"
and the "mascara of Andromeda." While you are here, "pay attention to
the words collaborating inside [y]our skull." Geoffrey Dyer certainly
does. So much so I swear that Apollinaire, William Eggleston, and
Harry Dean Stanton have been slipping Dyer some potent Kickapoo Joy
Juice. ...This is America. And, like Eggleston and Stanton, Dyer is a
damned wonderful guide." An original member of the New Brutalist
poetry collective and a graduate of Mills College’s MFA Program, Dyer
lives and blogs in the Bay Area.

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